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OHS Training / Education

A wide variety of OHS training and education programs are available for your staff to ensure compliance with current OHS legislation.

  • Manual Handling Training - provides employees with an understanding of avoiding the potential hazards of manual handling.
  • Office Ergonomics- teaches computer users how to set up their workstation and environment ergonomically
  • Best Management of Soft Tissue Injuries for Managers and Supervisors. Practical advice for managers and supervisors what you need to know to manage soft tissue injuries successfully.
  • Survey to determine industrial or organization climate, what your employees really think about OHS in your company
  • Performing a Manual Handling Risk assessment according to the Victorian Code of Practise
  • Noise training
  • OHS Duty of Care Training
  • Workplace specific Induction & OHS Training

Job Site Analysis

Job Site Analysis forms the basis of the following areas.

  1. Injury Rehabilitation
  2. Pre employment examination
  3. Return to work

Specialist Services

OH&Solutions provides a complete list of specialist services including medical, physical and chiropractic services, as well as OH&S consultation, training examinations and immunisations...

Workplace Evaluations

Through on-site visits and walk throughs, OH&Solutions practitioners promote a close understanding of the work environment in order to reduce risk to your Company and its employees...