OHS Solutions is available to provide a range of health and safety consulting services including:

  • Short briefings for managers covering legal OHS obligations
  • Development of industry guidance material
  • Developing a safety program to suit your business
  • Implementation of Safety Map and AS/NZ 4801 OHS Management Systems
  • Hazard audits
  • Compliance with the OHS Act 2004 and OHS Regulations 2017
  • Assessment and auditing of safety management systems
  • Plant risk assessments and training
  • Accident investigations
  • Ergonomic and manual handling risk assessments
  • Hazardous substances assessments
  • Monitoring of noise, dusts and chemicals
  • Behaviour based safety programs
  • Asbestos audits
  • Development of Emergency policy and procedures
  • Housekeeping programs
  • Industrial Climate Surveys

    OH&Solutions will assist in the implementation of the above systems, yet it must be remembered that Companies ultimately must take ownership of the implementation of whatever system they choose.