Workplace Evaluations


OH&Solutions Practitioners promote a thorough understanding of the work environment in order to reduce risk to the Company and their employees.

On site visits and walk throughs can provide insight to not only our practitioners, but also to Company management.

It is critical that the treating health professional understand the work site and level of musculo-skeletal stress on the employee to assist with the return to work process. A walk through evaluation can provide us with an understanding of the level of OHS compliance of the company. Advice can provided with regard to non-compliance to existing codes of practise and legislation and existing hazards which the management may or may not be aware of.

Workplace Evaluations can provide:

  • Risk Assessment of Hazards
  • Compliance to Current Victorian OHS Legislation
  • Compliance with OHSMS (Safety Map, AS4801)
  • Ergonomic advice and assessments
  • Employee duty assessment for return to work programs

All of the above can be provided by our experienced Practitioners.