Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms the basis of the following areas.


Injury Rehabilitation


Pre employment examination


Return to work

An in depth examination of the work requirements are conducted. Included are some of the factors:

  1. Forces required by the employee
  2. Time and distances over which an object is carried
  3. Frequency of actions
  4. Layout of workstation, work organization
  5. Actions Required including:
    Forward bending Standing Walking Steps/stairs
    Lifting waist-overhead Balancing Looking down Climbing
    Lifting floor-waist Sitting Looking up Crouching
    Reaching above shoulder Squatting Kneeling Crawling
    Hand coordination Pushing Pulling Turning
    Twisting Gripping Carrying

6. Ranges of weights lifted and maneuvered

7. Anthropometric requirements

8. Environment Hot, Cold, Droughts etc

9. Availability of Mechanical Aids

10. Skill and Experience required for the task

11. Inherent hazards and risks of the task

12. Nature of the object being handled ie animal, patient

13.Details of previous injury history