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Serious Claim- One week off work or more

Between 2000–01 and 2010–11, median compensation paid rose 60% from $5200 in 2000–01 to $8300 in 2010–11.

Between 2000–01 and 2010–11 the median time lost from work for a serious claim rose by 19% from 4.2 working weeks in 2000–01 to 5.0 working weeks in 2010–11.

Almost three-quarters of all serious claims were the result of injuries. The most common disease claims involved Disorders of muscles, tendons & other soft tissues

Manual handling mechanisms (Muscular stress while lifting objects and Muscular stress while handling objects) accounted for 33% of all serious claims, while Falls (Falls from a height and Falls on the same level) accounted for a further 22% of serious claims


It is clear from the statistics above that should the employer wish to minimise their exposure to the most common and costly injuries in terms of time lost and claim costs, they must choose a pre-employment screening that focuses on musculo-skeletal functional capacity. The employer must ensure that the potential candidates have the ability to fulfill the physical and mental demands of the role. The employer is helping to protect the potential candidates future health, the safety of fellow employees and the health of their company.

OHS Solutions is a provider of services to National and State companies, Local and State Government for more than 35 years.

A standard Pre-Employment screening examination includes:

  • Blood pressure/ Pulse Rate
  • Vision- Near,  Distance, Colour, Peripheral Vision
  • Height
  • Weight ( BMI)
  • Urinalysis/ Instant Drug testing for six common metabolites
  • Audiometry- to AS 1269.4 2014 standard
  • Doctor review of medical history questionnaire
  • Doctor review:
    • Respiratory
    • Cardiovascular
    • Abdominal
    • Skin
    • Nervous system
    • Detailed functional musculoskeletal assessment
  • Flexibility and Mobility- spinal and peripheral
  • Strength and Endurance- spinal and peripheral
  • Balance and Motor Control
  • Aerobic Fitness

OHS Solutions understands that pre-employment examination results are time sensitive and HR requires the results urgently.  Companies have transferred to our group from our competitors just because of that reason. We utilise a national network of over 300 trained providers servicing all capital cities, with metropolitan and country locations to complete our pre-employment screenings, enabling us to secure appointments in a time efficient manner. Booking online enables control of the flow of appointments, examinations and results. Our network of providers are all  registered Health care professionals. They are highly trained and experienced in the treatment and examination of musculo-skeletal disorders. Our highest priority is to understand the nature of your business and the inherent requirements of your workplace roles. At OHS Solutions senor staff review all examination reports before results are forwarded to the client company.

OHS Solutions can develop a complete pre-employment functional examination to suit your companies requirements if required.

Services provided:

  • Job and task analysis
  • Company Specific Examinations
  • Industry Specific Pre-employments
  • Pre-employment functional assessment
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Hearing and lung function screening
  • Baseline and periodic health screening

For more information please contact OHS Solutions on 03 9370-3611.