Pre Employment Screening


By ensuring that the employee candidate has the requirements to fulfil the physical demands of the job, you are helping to protect the employee candidates health, the safety of fellow employees and the health of your company.

OHS Solutions is able to provide expert analysis of job and task demands of the required work and design a comprehensive examination that determines the candidate’s suitability to safely complete the inherent requirements of that intended work

OHS Solutions understands that employers require pre-employment examination results quickly and have systems in place to ensure this occurs. We utilise a national and international network of providers to complete our pre-employment examinations, enabling us to secure appointments in a time efficient manner. We encourage our network of providers to understand the nature of your business and the inherent requirements of your workplace. At OHS Solutions our experienced and specialist staff over see all reports before the results are forwarded to the client company.

OHS Solutions can develop a complete pre-employment examination to suit your companies requirements. Examination options:

  • Job and task analysis
  • Pre-employment medical assessment
  • Customer Specific Examinations
  • Industry Specific Pre-employments
  • Pre-employment functional assessment
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Hearing and lung function screening
  • Baseline and periodic health screening


For more information please contact OHS Solutions on 03 9370-3611.